International Journal of Veda Sciences
(International Research Journal from India)

               Modern Science is materialistic in nature, whereas Vedic Science is realistic. Our great Vedic Sages have discovered the subtle nature of reality and coded them in the form of Vedas. That is why extraordinary steps were taken to preserve the Vedas and honor given to Vedas even though its meaning is little understood. World historian, Joseph Needham, has stated “Future research on the history of science and technology in Asia will in fact reveal that the achievements of the Vedic civilization contributed far more in all pre-renaissance periods to the development of the world science than has yet been realized”. Some of the scientific interpretations of Vedas are going to be a challenge to the future scientists because they are beyond scientist’s imagination.

               It is necessary to have a combined study of Modern science and ancient Vedic science as complementary methods. The importance of this is stated by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, a famous American poet and journalist- “ India – the land of Vedas, Remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life, but also facts which science has proved true”. Veda science is a vast source of knowledge. The more we dig, the more we get. Research in Veda opens a new vista in science.

               The scholars are invited to submit thematic papers on any of the following subjects.

               Veda & Medicine; Veda & Metallurgy.; Veda & Engineering; Veda & Computer Science; Veda & Meteorology; Veda & Mathematics; Veda & Physics; Veda & Chemistry; Veda & biology; Veda & Geology; Veda & Astrology; Veda & Astronomy; Veda & Cosmology; Veda & Ayurveda; Veda & Modern science findings.

          The screening committee will evaluate the papers and selected papers will be published in the journal.

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